A Preliminary Psychometric Case Study of the Music in Dementia Assessment Scales: European Portuguese Version (Midas-PT)

Introduction: Music in Dementia Assessment Scales (MiDAS) is a standardized outcome measure aiming to capture the effects of music-based interventions in patients with dementia. It is a unique instrument regarding its specificity, with the potential to enhance research in the field of music in dementia care. The aim of this study was to report a preliminary psychometric study of the translated and adapted instrument to European Portuguese (MiDAS-PT).
Material and Methods: Care home residents with dementia attended bi-weekly group music-based interventions, for five weeks. Intervention coordinators and care home staff completed MiDAS ratings at every session and the Quality-of-Life Scale (QoL-AD) at three time-points. Inter-rater reliability, test-retest reliability, internal consistency, concurrent validity (QoL-AD) and construct validity were evaluated.
Results: A total of 529 forms were completed (staff = 235, therapist = 294). Low therapist inter-rater and test-retest reliability, good internal consistency, low concurrent validity, and good construct validity were found. There were high factor loadings between the five MiDAS items (Interest, Response, Initiation, Involvement, and Enjoyment).
Conclusion: This preliminary investigation indicated acceptable psychometric properties on a range of attributes, but more research is needed in order to definitely establish the psychometric value of the scale.

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