Profissionais de Saúde como Alvo da Guerra Cultural: Uma Perspetiva Europeia

I read with both fear and hope the article where Hadland1 describes the current process of shaping the public narratives in the United States against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ) people.
LGBTQ, and trans people in particular, face high levels of discrimination and violence worldwide. In Europe there are significant problems in Hungary and Poland2 and, even in more liberal countries, both mainstream and social media are increasingly flooded with anti-LGBTQ opinions. The Portuguese Medical Association, for example, still has no initiative specifically targeting LGBTQ individuals or professionals. Furthermore, LGBTQ issues are underrepresented in Portugal’s most influential general medical journal (Acta Médica Portuguesa) with only three articles specifically addressing LGBTQ health-related issues published in the last ten years.

Leia aqui o artigo completo (apenas em inglês).

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