Perspetivas de Implementação de Aplicações Dedicadas à Saúde Mental na Prática Clínica

Psychiatric diseases are quite common in the global and national population, with an annual prevalence rate in Portugal of 16.5% for anxiety disorders and 7.9% for depressive disorders, respectively. The percentage of patients without access to healthcare is high, reaching 81.8% for mild severity disorders and 33.6% for severe cases. Due to the lack of clinical response, multiple digital strategies have been successfully developed to improve symptom management.
Mental health apps have focused on areas such as psychoeducation, symptom assessment, monitoring, intervention, and social support. The areas of greatest development target anxiety and depressive disorders, but there are apps for most diseases. These apps have the potential to reduce the percentage of people without access to healthcare services or adequate information. Due to their greater accessibility, low cost of availability and maintenance, flexibility, personalization, interactivity, and dissemination, they are among the innovative health strategies, alongside artificial intelligence.

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