Depressive disorder burden: global epidemiological issues and information needs in Portugal.

Ricardo M Gusmão, Miguel Xavier, Maria João Heitor, António Bento, J M Caldas de Almeida


Modern societies at present are heavily burdened by depressive disorders but a further increment of negative impact is predictable in years to come. Though there are effective treatments available these disorders are infrequently recognised and managed.To review depressive disorders burden focusing the epidemiological information gap in Portugal.Bibliographic search using Medline, the Index of Portuguese Medical Journals and the National Library, as well as other sources, with particular focus for review studies and cross-references.Burden of depressive disorders is well established worldwide with increasing accuracy allowing for better health planning and treatment access. In Portugal, in spite of the need, scarcity of data and methodological inadequacy are the rule, with no precise prevalence data available.The true dimension of depression burden issues in Portugal will only be globally and scientifically assessed through epidemiological studies in various settings with representative national populations.

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