Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease.

Alice Reichert, T Correia, O Freitas, T Almeida, Lino Rosado


Kikuchi and Fujimoto's disease, also known as histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenopathy, is a rare and benign disorder of the lymph nodes of young adults. The etiology of this disease is unknown, an autoimmune mechanism has been suggested, although some cases of association with several viruses has been described. We report a pediatric case of Kikuchi and Fujimoto's disease in a 14 years old girl with persistent fever, enlarged cervical lymph node and weight loss. A diagnosis of Kikuchi and Fujimoto's disease was made by cervical lymph node histology. We present a case of Kikuchi and Fujimoto disease that benefited significantly from steroids.

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