Prognostic value of c-erb-2 immunohistochemistry expression in patients with primary breast cancer and adjuvant treatment with tamoxifen.

Andreia Antunes, Teresa Silva, Isabel Godinho, Natália Amaral, Calos Oliveira


The c-erb2 proto-oncogene is a member of the epidermal growth factor receptor family and has been associated with a more aggressive breast tumour biology and resistance to some types of treatments.To evaluate the prognostic value of c-erb-2 receptor, from primary breast cancer on tamoxifen therapy.We examined 66 paraffin-embedded sections from primary breast cancers. Patients were treated with surgery plus adjuvant treatment with tamoxifen; 58% had also received chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. Membrane staining for c-erb-2 was evaluated by immunohistochemistry and overall survival and relapse-free survival were compared between positives and negatives for c-erb-2.43,9% of tumours over expressed c-erb-2 receptor, but this was not associated with a worse prognosis on overall survival either on relapse free-survival, with a p value of 0,15 and 0,2 respectively.There is not any advantage to determine c-erb-2 as a prognostic factor on overall survival either on relapse free-survival. Attending the homogenous characteristics between both groups with any statistical differences according age.

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