Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis.

P Peixinho, T Sabino, C Duarte, T Cruz, N Bragança


Aspergillosis, the most frequent of pulmonary mycosis, represents a group of varying pathogenesis diseases with the same etiological agent--Aspergillus. This fungus is a saprophyte of normal respiratory airways, but the disease occurs in immunocompromised hosts. There are several anatomo-clinical forms, but it is important to know that some could be fatal, being necessary an early diagnosis and therapy. The authors describe an Invasive Pulmonary Aspegillosis case, in a immunocompromised patient submitted to long term corticotherapy treatment. Was started with liposomal Amphotericin B, discontinued due to nephrotoxicity and substituted by Itraconazol, with clinical, laboratorial and radiologic favourable evolution, as it's proven by imagiological studies.

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