Of medicine and arts: the poet, he and the other.

E Macieira Coelho


The poet Mário de Sá-Carneiro, who commited suicide in Paris, in 1916, had had an appointment with the neurologist Egas Moniz, in Lisbon, two years before. After listenning to what he had to say, Moniz tells him that he identifies his symptons, curiously, with expressions of a poem he had read in the literary magazin Orfeu. This magazin wanted, in a provocative way, to announce a literature that was breaking with the past. Sá-Carneiro told him that he was the author of the poem. On reading it, Egas Moniz, had suspected that his author was a squizofrenic. In this article the literary and poetical work of Sá-Carneiro is analised, identifying it, as a whole, with the demonstrations that depict squizofrenia.

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