Measurement of the adrenal cortex reserve using depot beta 1-24-corticotrophin. II---in thyroid diseases.

A. Galvão-Teles


Mean plasma cortisol 4 to 6 hours after 1 mg Synacthen Depot in normal subjects, simple goiter and hypothyroidism were not significantly different. On the contrary after stimulation cortisol levels in untreated hyperthyroidism were significantly below than those of normals and significantly higher than those of primary and secondary hypoadrenalism. After several injections of Synacthen Depot 6 cases of hyperthyroidism showed reduced adrenal reserve. The study of adrenal reserve in hyperthyroidism after 1 to 14 months of methimazole shows a tendency of the adrenal reserve to improve with time. These observations led the author to the belief that the reduced adrenal reserve in this situation must be due mainly to a direct effect of thyroid hormones upon the adrenal cortex. There has been much discussion about the action of thyroid hormones upon the adrenal cortex.

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