Cesarean Section in a Pregnant Woman with COVID-19: First Case in Portugal

Joana Lyra, Rita Valente, Marta Rosário, Mariana Guimarães


We report the first cesarean delivery in a woman with COVID-19 in a level III hospital in Portugal. It refers to a healthy woman with a term pregnancy that tested positive for COVID-19 on the day of labor induction. Given a Bishop score < 4 and the prior history of a cesarean section, the team decided to perform a surgical delivery. Appropriate personal protective equipment and safety circuits were employed, as described in more detail in the case report. Both the mother and the newborn are well. With this report we aimed to share our concerns, clinical management, maternal and neonatal outcomes, and to present our current circuits and adjustments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in our maternity hospital.


Cesarean Section; Coronavirus; Coronavirus Infections; Pregnancy; Portugal

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