Bartter syndrome: a new therapeutic approach.

Marta Mendonça, Adriana Pinheiro, Isabel Castro


The Bartter syndrome is a rare hereditary salt-wasting tubulopathy, characterized by metabolic alkalosis, hypokalemia, hyperreninemia and hyperaldosteronemia of varying severity. Indomethacin and high doses of oral potassium have been until now the therapeutic strategies used, with high risk of gastrointestinal injury. Since April 2009, aliskiren--renin inhibitor--has been used in individual cases of Bartter syndrome in adults, by ignoring its use in pediatrics. The authors present the case of an eight year old child with Bartter syndrome, treated with oral potassium chloride and oral indomethacin, whom has been diagnosed a giant gastric ulcer. To enable the reduction of the amount of potassium administered, we chose to start the aliskiren.

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