Legionella pneumophila pneumonia and ataxia.

Susana Monteiro, Helena Grumete, José Pinto Duarte, Jorge Roldão Vieira


Legionella pneumophila is responsible for approximately 6-14% of hospital admitted community acquired pneumonia (CAP) cases. It is associated with a significant severity. In untreated patients is associated with 80% mortality and in patients with comorbidities mortality is approximately 100%. The authors present a case of Legionella pneumophila pneumonia with cerebellar dysfunction. Cerebellar dysfunction is a rare disorder (3.7% of cases), but is well documented and has been reported in the first cases of the disease. The authors warn for the relevance of the epidemiological context and emphasize the importance of reporting cases to identify outbreaks, tracing the source of contamination and preventing new cases.

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