Intake analysis of hematopoietic micronutrients and anemia: prevalence in Brazilian female older-adults.

Fernanda Colares-Bento, Sarah Silveira, Roberta Paula, Cláudio Córdova, Adriana Silva, Otávio Nóbrega


This study aimed to estimate the average intake of hematopoiesis related micronutrients and to assess the prevalence of anemia in elder female subjects aged 60 years or older residing in the outskirts of the Brazilian Federal District.Mean daily consumption of iron, folic acid and vitamin B(12) were determined for each patient by means of dietary analysis of food registries, followed by evaluation of free serum cobalamin and homocysteine. Anemia diagnosis was established by quantification of total hemoglobin.Prevalence was found to assault 9.8% of elderly studied. No significant difference has been observed in folic acid and iron intakes between anemic and non-anemic subjects. On the other hand, mean consumption of vitamin B(12) was 2.6 times higher among anemic patients (p < 0.05). Accordingly, serum cobalamin and homocysteine dosages have shown marked increase in the anemic group.Our findings suggest that deficiency in vitamin B(12) intake constitutes a predisposing factor to the onset of anemia in the elderly.

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