Tentorium cerebellum fistula. Diagnosis and treatment.

E Machado, N Santos, S Carvalho, P Freitas, T Filho, C Machado, F Martins


Among the 17 intracranial dural fistulae treated in the Department of Neuroradiology of the University Hospital of Coimbra (17 patients, 28 embolizations) between 19/10/98 and 20/11/2000, 4 cases (23%) were located on the tentorium cerebelli. Three patients were men aged 45, 53 and 56 years old. The remaining patient was an 85-year-old woman. All 4 patients were treated by embolization. One underwent post embolization surgical interruption of the draining vein. The authors analyse clinical presentation, complementary tests, therapy and outcome.

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