Descriptive and comparative analysis on the effect of characterization factors on anthropometric indicators in a population from Guinea-Bissau.

A Gonçalves, P Ferrinho, P Aguiar


The authors report on the nutritional status (weight for age, height for age, weight for height and arm circumference) of 1324 children, aged 7 to 14 years, in rural Guinea-Bissau, 1992. Three percent of the children (4% in males and 2% in females) had a Z score of weight for height? -2 and 8% (9% in boys and 7% in females) had a Z score of height for age < -2. The highest prevalence of stunting was observed amongst the Mancanha ethnic group and in those residing in the rice growing areas. Wasting was most prevalent amongst the local ethnic minorities and in the interior.

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