Dyspepsia in general practice consultation.

T Lopes, C Prior, H Baía, N Pereira


An observational descriptive transversal study was carried out to analyse the clinical log-books of the patients with dyspeptic complaints in the General Practice consultation of Fernão de Magalhães Heath Center, during 1994. The aim of the study was to assess: the distribution of dyspeptic categories; the association of dyspepsia groups and the selected variables; the identified risk factors; the clinical investigation and its relationship with the age groups, as well as prescription in the General Practice consultations. The results of the study show that: functional dyspepsia is more frequent than organic; females have functional dyspepsia more frequently, with a statistically significant difference; there are more consultations with dyspeptic complaints among the elderly; about 50% of the patients with dyspeptic symptoms were investigated and two thirds were above forty-five years of age; the prescribed medication was similar to that recommended.

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