Prognosis value of p53, C-erB-2 and Ki67 proteins in ovarian carcinoma.

C Frutuoso, M R Silva, N Amaral, I Martins, C De Oliveira, H M De Oliveira


The prognosis in ovarian carcinoma remains poor. We need to identify patients who are less likely to respond to treatment. In order to evaluate the prognostic value of C-erb-B2, p53 and Ki 67 expression and correlate these markers with classic prognostic factors, we studied paraffin-embedded tumor tissue from 81 patients with epithelial ovarian cancer and made a quantitative evaluation of C-erb-B2, p53 and Ki 67 expression by immunohistochemistry. The results were: age 5.4 +/- 15(22-88); 66% with normal physical activity; 48.2% with residual disease < 2 cm; initial stage--42% and advanced stage--58%. Age, performance status, residual disease and stage were correlated with 2 and 5 years survival. Positive immunostaining: p53--87%, C-erb B-2--51% and Ki67--100%. P53 and C-erb B-2 were associated with residual disease and stage; patients with no C-erbB-2 staining had a significantly better survival. A direct and significant correlation was found between p53 and Ki67 and between C-erb B-2 and p53. We conclude that these markers have a high expression in ovarian carcinoma and p53 and C-er B-2 correlate with stage and residual disease. Although C-erb B-2 was associated with better survival, it was not found to be an independent prognostic factor.

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