Radiotherapy in supratentorial low grade gliomas.

Francisco Mascarenhas, José António Matos, Maximino Ortiz, Maria Francisca Pires, Isabel Monteiro Grillo


The management of the supratentorial low-grade gliomas has been a question of great debate in our days and the best therapeutic approach is still to determinate. The improvements in the modern surgical techniques have made feasible greater degrees of resection and have lead to longterm progression-free survival remaining surgery as the mainstay of treatment for low grade gliomas. A considerable proportion of patients will have less than complete removal or unresectable tumors and will need more efficacious treatment alternatives which must be identified. This article reviews the current state of knowledge concerning external radiation therapy with regard to the results of recent series, the side effects and potential benefits with newer radiotherapy techniques and provides recommendations with regard to management.

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