Trigeminal neuralgia.


  • A J Brito Serviço de Estomatologia, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.



The lesion of the sensorial nerves of the face is expressed by painful phenomena called neuralgias of the brainstem or its branches. These may be idiopathic or essential and secondary or symptomatic and their clinical evidence and course are different from the former. Essential neuralgia (E.N.), or tic douloureux, is the most frequent facial pain neuralgia. The aim of this paper is to review this subject with evidence of secondary trigeminal neuralgia from oral causes (dental, traumatic, post herpes zoster, etc). The author establishes the differential diagnoses with other etiologies of facial pain and mentions the diagnostic criteria for trigeminal neuralgia (T.N.), makes the difference between essential neuralgia (E.N.) and symptomatic neuralgia (S.N.); describes briefly the different kinds of the medical and surgical therapy, its management and complications. The author finishes by asserting that all E.N. must complementary means of diagnosis (Base skull, X rays, C.T. scan, M.R.I.). Peripheral surgery has more relapses and less morbidity than neuro-surgical techniques. Under these circumstances latter must considered by the patient's, or his relatives, opinion.


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