Marjölin ulcer.

F Paredes


Marjölin Ulcer is a squamous cell carcinoma developed in a burn scar. The term was applied to all malignancies developed in scars or chronic draining sinuses, and its connotation with burn scars has been forgotten. It is an uncommon tumour in the developed world. The scars with iterative ulcerations are the ones that could be the origin of a carcinoma. As regards pathogenesis, it is attractive to speculate about the relation between wound healing and cutaneous malignancy since these processes share common tissue factors. The author presents his experience in the treatment of these tumours. Regarding prognosis and treatment, it is the author's opinion that carcinoma from scars are curable by adequate local excision, contrally to carcinoma of chronic sinuses, namely osteomyelitis, because cancer cells tend to follow the fistulous tract and multiply inside the bone cavity, generally only amputation is effective. Finally the author stresses that with good treatment vicious scars or draining sinuses could be prevented, therefore Marjölin Ulcer is an entity that disappears with good health care.

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