Revascularization and reimplantation of the upper extremity. 15-year-experience with 114 cases.

E Malheiro, J Amarante, J Reis, A Silva, A Conde, M Choupina


Progress in micro or macro replantation has resulted in higher survival rates of formerly amputated parts. More amputated digits or limbs survive because the time of ischemia can be exceeded by using cold storage or perfusion. Homo or heterodigital vessel transposition, expanded indications for vein graft interposition, as well as heterotopic transplantation allow for extremity preservation even in crush injuries, and in disastrous multiple amputations combined with contusion or avulsion. Secondary reconstruction with regard to bone defects, tendon repair, and eventual nerve grafting have to be aspired, finally leading to an improvement of functional results in daily and leisure activities as well as in early professional readaptation. A total of 114 microvascular extremity replantations/revascularizations with a survival rate of 77.2% were followed for an average of 15 years.

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