Provision of pediatric cardiology care in Macau. Initial experience of the central hospital of Conde de S. Januario.

A Paixão, W F Ian, M Evora, J H Morais


In the last decades, the conceptual and technical advances in paediatric cardiology have brought additional options concerning the provision of paediatric cardiology care. The purpose of this study was to analyse the initial experience of a paediatric cardiology service in a conventional general hospital serving a population of nearly 450,000 inhabitants, mostly Chinese. Access to several levels of care, including cooperation with a tertiary referral center, is described. From September 1993 to July 1995, 717 children with either suspected or diagnosed heart disease were seen: 294 (41%) were discharged and, of the remaining 423 with heart disease, 364 (85%) had congenital heart disease; 75% were adequately managed with the available local resources. Appropriate referrals provided more advanced approaches for the smaller group requiring them. The training of local doctors has ensured the continuity of a good standard of care for this group of paediatric patients in Macau, with an evident reduction in direct as well as indirect costs.

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