Nephrotic syndrome. What is new since the 1988 study?.

M G Seves, M J Brito, S Lamy, P V Luiz, G Bastos, M Faleiro, J Batista, J F De Sousa


The authors make a retrospective review of 53 new cases of Nephrotic Syndrome followed up in the Nephrology Unit from November 1988 to March 1994, bearing in mind the evaluation of casual changes of the disease standard regarding a previous study of 1988. Epidemiological, clinical, therapeutical and evolutional aspects were studied. Forty-four cases of primary Nephrotic Syndrome (83%) were identified, 61.4% of which behaved as cortico-sensitive, 25% as cortico-dependent, and 13.6% as cortico-resistant; 8 cases (15%) of Nephrotic Syndrome secondary to infection, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Amyloidosis, and 1 case of congenital Nephrotic Syndrome (2%). The theory that the high number of cortico-dependent is, probably, related with a higher severity in the relapse diagnosis and/or changes in the children's standard of living is admissible. It was also observed that at present there is a lower number of hospital discharges, related to more careful attitudes adopted regarding the evolution of the disease.

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