Mechanical ventilation near large centers. The experience of a perinatal care unit.

P Vale, R Guerreiro, P Luiz, G Gonçalves, F Areias, A Nunes, A Mocho, P Garcia, A Berdeja, C Avelar


A retrospective study of the newborns who were submitted to mechanical ventilation at the Neonatal Intermediate Care Unit was made between July 1991 and June 1994. Mechanical ventilation in such a unit should be transitory and not exceed 24 hours. Information concerning pregnancy, labour, neonates, type of ventilation and its problems was gathered. Forty seven neonates were ventilated. The average ventilation time was six hours (1-20 hours). The main cause of ventilation was hyaline membrane disease which occurred in 24% of all cases. Mortality observed was 16.6% and some sequellae were registered which were related not only to ventilation but also to the basic pathology in 26% of cases.

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