Laparoscopic diagnosis of endometriosis.

M B Arraiano, I Gama


Our study centred on the research of Pelvic Endometriosis prevalence, in 134 women, who were submitted to diagnostic or surgical laparoscopy in our department, from April 1991 to November 1994. According to the admission causes, the women were divided in four groups: Pelvic pain/infertility/Anexial tumours/Optional tubal sterilization. The study covered an analysis of the relationships between the groups and the women's mean age, the contraception methods, parity, clinical data, laparoscopic findings and the percentage of endometriotic signs in each group. Although we did not have many cases, the endometriosis rate found in the different groups was identical to that described in many articles published worldwide. We confirmed that it is necessary to have a suspicious attitude without arguing the need for diagnostic laparoscopy every time a woman, in fertile age, has pelvic pain interfering with her quality of life, either socioprofessional, sexual or procreative.

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