Expectations of control in the context of personality. More about the factorial structure of Levenson's IPC scale.

R Verissimo


The goal of this study was to review some of the psychometric properties concerning the IPC scale as well as to confirm the locus of control structure as proposed by Levenson. Having that in mind we reviewed some previous studies on this subject, and tried to work out what went wrong when reports couldn't make a clear cut between social and chance factors within the external dimension of the proposed construct. The sample was formed by a homogeneous group drawn from a population of university students. This allowed for comparisons with similar studies. The innovation here resides in the analytical approach proposed, which should account for the oblique factors determined by the two alleged existent clusters for the external locus of control. It did, thus corroborating the original invariants proposed. The study also reinforces the conviction previously noted that questions 3, 4, and 10 should be ignored or even suppressed, eventually leading ulterior studies to report through standard transformation of the raw scores.

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