TSH anti-receptor antibodies in Graves' disease.

M R Sérgio, C Godinho, L Guerra, A Agapito, F Fonseca, C Costa


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the sensitivity, specificity and predictive value of thyrotropin receptor antibody (TRAb) in the diagnosis of Graves disease. TRAb was tested by an isotopic receptor assay-TRAK Henning-in 80 newly diagnosed, untreated Graves disease patients (group I), 63 with other thyroid diseases (group II) and 60 controls (group III). In group I, 11 patients were TRAb negative and 7 were considered in the gray area (TRAb between 9 and 14 U/L). In group II, only 2 patients had TRAb 9 U/l and all controls were TRAb negative. For statistical analysis patients with TRAb in gray area were excluded. Sensitivity and specificity for this assay were 84.5 and 100% respectively. Predictive value of 100% affords certainty that a hyperthyroid patient with a positive TRAb has Graves disease, not sequining a scintigram.

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