Pregnancy in women with neural tube fusion defects. Report of 3 cases with different clinical course.

J S Pereira, V Gonçalves, R Varela, M J Alves, R Corado


The advances in surgical technique for closure of myelomeningocele and its complications, mainly neurogenic bladder, have resulted not only in a increased lifespan and a better quality of life for these patients, but also a progressively higher number of women are reaching childbearing age and becoming pregnant. The reports of pregnancy in these women are still sporadic. In spite of that, obstetricians must be aware of this situation in order to manage it accordingly. In the course of these pregnancies major complications seldom occur. However there are problems (high-risk of neural tube defects in the offsprings, urinary tract complications, muscular-skeletal disorders and psychosociological problems) that should not be ignored and that may influence the prognosis of these pregnancies. The authors present three case reports with different outcomes.

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