Neonates born to drug-addicted mothers.

M L Coelho, O Nascimento, M T Nunes, J P Almeida, J M De Almeida


A test was carried out involving 94 newborn babies whose birth occurred in Alfredo da Costa Maternity between November 1991 and February 1994. The aims of this study were to find out the frequency of social and obstetric risks, to assess the neonatal, mobility, namely as regards the withdrawal syndrome, and also the repercussion of drug-addiction in the children's development. The frequency was 1 newborn baby of a drug-addicted mother for 106 pregnant women. In 67 out of 94 cases there was pre-natal follow-up. In such cases, the frequency of prematurity, of the withdrawal syndrome, and the possibility of preventive treatment of sexually contagious illnesses (Syphilis, hepatitis B, and aids) decreased. 8.5% of the 94 newborn babies were handed over to relatives or for adoption. Only in a small number of cases was it possible to keep the babies under regular observation. However, all of them showed hypertony and bulimia, which disappeared between the 8th and 9th months.

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