The Medical School of Campo Santana.

L da S Botelho


The Medical School of Campo Santana was built on the site where the bullring once stood. It replaced the Medical-Surgical School of Lisbon, in the vicinity of S. José Hospital, which was in a state of impending ruin. Despite this concern, construction was slow and only twenty years after laying the first stone was it possible to begin lectures in this new building. It is a majestic edifice with contributions by the best artists of the era: panels by Veloso Salgado in the Actos Room, tiles by Jorge Colaço in Passos Perdidos, and paintings by Colombano in the Council Room. Reference is made to some historical events which took place in this building. With the transfer of medical studies to Santa Marta Hospital, the Medical School of Campo Santana suffered a period of neglect which ended with the founding of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Lisbon in 1977.

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