The epidemiology of proximal femur fracture at the Hospital da Horta (Azores).

R Susano, T Ponte, J Maia, A Goulart, I Melo, E Seco, A Seco, A Magalhães


The aim of this study was to know the incidence of osteoporotic hip fracture in a defined area of the Azores. The catchment area included the islands of Faial, Pico, Flores and Corvo, with 11,617 subjects aged 50 or more: 5,373 males and 6,244 females. The time period of the survey was 1991 to 1993. Data was obtained from the records of the Orthopedic Department of Hospital Horta. Thirty seven fractures were diagnosed during the time survey: 12 in 1991, 13 in 1992 and 12 in 1993. The age-adjusted mean incidence rates of hip fracture for the population over 49 years old was 10.3/10,000: 5.6/10,000 in men and 14.4/10,000 in women. Most fractures occurred in women over the age of 65 years. The ratio of male to female cases was 1:3. The mean age of all patients was 77 +/- 8 years of age: 72 +/- 8 in males and 79 +/- 6 in females (p = 0.05). About 70 percent of these patients were treated surgically. The acute mortality rate was 8 percent and the mean age of the deceased patients, 82 +/- 6, was significantly higher than the mean age of the survivors, 73 +/- 6 (p = 0.01).

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