Cerebral metastasis as the form of presentation of a basaloid carcinoma of the esophagus.

I R Carvalho, R M Lima, A Serafim, M M Lemos, J Cristas, J Machado, H Oliveira


A case of oesophageal basaloid carcinoma is reported. The disease was revealed as a brain metastasis and was found ad initium to be in an advanced stage, with evidence of brain, lung and liver metastasis. The treatment performed was palliative subtotal oesophagectomy followed by roentgen therapy. A year and a half later, the patient is still alive and in home care follow up. The authors end stressing this uncommon presentation for an oesophageal neoplasm and the rarity of its histologic type. They also stress the role of surgery, although palliative, in long survival, very unlike the rapid evolution of the few published cases.

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