Intestinal obstruction. The experience of the Emergency Service of S. José Hospital 1981-1991.

G da Silva, J C Santos, S Martins, J Gíria, C A Pereira


The results of 3679 patients, with intestinal obstruction, submitted to emergency surgery at the UUC-HCL between November 1981 and November 1991, were analysed in a general way, with the use of a graphic presentation. In the mechanical group, hernia (1604 cases), adhesions and bands (568 cases) and cancer (713 cases) were the most common pathologies; intestinal ischaemia (143 cases) was the most frequent form in the neurogenic group. Surgical therapy was evaluated in a general way. However, we comment on the evolution of primary surgical treatment of colorectal cancer in obstruction (625 cases). The mortality rate was in general: 10.8% (adults). In relative terms, the main features were intestinal ischaemia (39%), cancer (23%) and intestinal volvulus (22%).

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