Portal hypertension. Report of a case with a long-term course.

A Gonçalves, I Soles, F Ferraz, R Marinheiro, B Pinto


The AA report a clinical case of Portal Hypertension with a long period of survival, more than 12 years, during which it was not possible to clarify the etiology. The presence of chronic ethylism conditioned the attribution of the etiology to a chronic alcoholic hepatopathy, but a hepatic biopsy denied that cause. Through the re-examination of the differential diagnosis of the several causes of Portal Hypertension and through Echographic findings, the Budd-Chiari Syndrome diagnosis was established. The AA broach the causes, the means of diagnosis and the therapeutics of this syndrome and conclude that the etiological diagnosis of any Portal Hypertension must be done exhaustively, using all the available means, so that effective therapeutics can be achieved.

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