Chronic hemodialysis with acetate in patients over 70 years old.

P L Neves, I Bexiga, I Pinto, J P Amorim


During the last years there has a significant increase of elderly patients included in chronic dialysis programs. No agreement has been reached about the preferable treatment modality. In this study we analyse our experience in the management of patients over 70 years of age undergoing chronic acetate hemodialysis (HDCA). Sixty four of those patients have initiated HDCA between May 1982 and December 1990 (Mean age 75.9 +/- 4.8). The etiology of renal disease was unknown in a significant number of cases. Morbility was largely due to vascular disease (both cardiac and cerebral). Main causes of death were also vascular disease and infections. Actuarial survival was 79.6% at 12 months and 46.3% after 5 years. Although HDCA is associated with a greater morbility it is the most widely used modality of treatment for chronic renal failure in Portugal and in our experience, it is an acceptable method for elderly patients.

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