Torsion of wandering spleen. An unusual case of abdominal pain.

J Risques, L Sousa, J L Almeida, E Garrido


Wandering spleen is uncommon and of difficult diagnosis. New Imaging Modalities (Eco; TC), can suggest or confirm the preoperative diagnosis of wandering spleen, permitting conservative surgery, mainly in children. We report two cases of wandering spleen. The first one, with acute surgical abdomen and tumor on left iliac fossa, operated as an ovarian cyst torsion: the laparotomy showed a necrotic spleen in pelvis. The second case presented as intestinal sub-occlusion with recurrent abdominal pain, and a left iliac fossa movable tumor. It was diagnosed by eco and radionuclides before laparotomy. Even diagnosed in different ways, the surgical treatment was the same.

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