Incidence of and mortality from malignant tumors inthe municipality of++Vila Nova de Gaia: 1981-1987.

J Amado, E Matos, J M Calheiros, A Ramalho, C Ramalho, A Castro, A Araújo, A P Moreira, J T Gomes


Data from the population based Cancer Registry of Vila Nova de Gaia for the 1981-1987 period are presented. Cancer is becoming a disease increasingly frequent in Portugal, causing progressively higher mortality rates. Population and geographic characteristics of Vila Nova de Gaia country is presented. Information sources of this Registry are hospitals, pathology labs, Health Authority files and death certificates. Net (229.2, 216.6) and standardized for european population (369.9, 245.9) incidence rates are presented for respectively men and women. Comparisons with registries from other countries (e.s.) are made.

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