Carcinoma of the lung. Review of a caseload of 12 years at a service of internal medicine.

M I Colaço, H Estrada, R Moreno, B Veloso


The authors present a retrospective study of medical records of patients with lung cancer, admitted at the Service 1 of Internal Medicine of Santo António dos Capuchos Hospital during a 12 year period (1978-1989). Of the 112 selected patients, 50% had histologic diagnosis, the remaining had strong clinical radiographic, endoscopic and/or autopsic evidence of pulmonary malignancy or malignant cytology in sputum, bronchial secretions or pleural fluid. The clinical symptoms and means of diagnosis are presented and the advanced stage of the disease, at admission, the problems concerning the histologic diagnosis and the high mortality rate (55.4%) are emphasized.

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