Small bowel metastatic of malignant melanoma: a rare cause of lower gastrointestinal bleeding.

Pedro Silva Vaz, Sergiu Usurelu, Ana Monteiro, Sara Correia, António Gouveia, Arnandina Loureiro


The malignant melanoma is the most common cause of metastatic lesion in the gastrointestinal tract, representing about 33% of all the metastatic malignant tumors of the digestive tract. In 35% of patients the small bowel is impaired, and lower gastrointestinal bleeding is a rare form of presentation. The authors report a case of a 81-year-old male with a history of malignant skin melanoma excised in 1994. Underwent middle lobectomy due right pulmonary metastasis of melanoma in 2002. In 2005, in the context of gastrointestinal bleeding is diagnosed metastases of malignant melanoma in the small bowel, and underwent a segmentary enterectomy. At present the follow-up is without symptoms.

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