Value of percutaneous nephrostomy in nephrology.

M S Gonçalves, T Adragão, A P Negrão, J J Simões


Percutaneous Nephrostomy (P.N.) has been traditionally used by Urologists. The authors seek to demonstrate the interest of its mastering by members of Nephrology teams, by reviewing 27 cases of unilateral or bilateral P.N. performed in a Nephrology unit from 1983 to 1991. The single most frequent indication for P.N. was Acute or Chronic Renal Insufficiency of obstructive etiology (21 cases), followed by infected Hydronephrosis (4), assessment of residual function of an obstructed Kidney (1) and renal colic in a pregnant woman (1). There were no major complications of the procedure. P.N. allowed correction of metabolic derangements and of infections, enabling the definitive etiologic solution to take place in a clearly favourable clinical context.

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