Typing of human papillomavirus (HPV) in the male and female genitalia.

C Santo, A Pista, E Bartolo, M Almeida, L Ayres, P Ferreira, G Rodrigo


Diagnosis and typing of HPV was started in November 1990 at the Virology department of the National Health Institute, Lisbon. Eighty one samples from 70 patients were studied, 57 from women observed at the cervico-vulvar out patient unit of the Gynecology department of Sta Maria Hospital, Lisbon, and 13 from male contacts of some of these women. Forty nine women (86%) had colposcopic, histological or cytological evidence of HPV infection. Eleven men (85%) have clinical signs of infection and 2 (15%) had had sexual intercourse with infected partners with clinical evidence of infection. HPV DNA was detected in 43 patients (61%). Forty two were infected with HPV 6/11 (98%) and one with HPV 16 (2%). These preliminary results suggest that genital infection by HPV must also be considered a public health problem in the field of sexually transmitted diseases in Portugal.

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