Prevalence of HIV1 and HIV2 infection in women living in an area of Lisboa City.

L da C Teles, D Guerreiro, M H Lourenço, M O Ferreira, R M Victorino


A seroprevalence study of HIV1 and HIV2 infection in women attending a Family Planning and an Antenatal Clinic was done in an area of the city of Lisbon where 7% of the population is of African origin. The protocol of study was of non linked type although with the possibility of collecting a second sample of blood for confirmation of results. Epidemiological, social and clinical data were collected from 1390 women and this was followed by the collection of a blood sample for the seroepidemiological study of HIV1 and HIV2. The population that was submitted to blood tests (75%) was compared to the one that missed the test and it was found that no important differences were present between the two. The criteria for HIV1 or HIV2 positive results were the presence of a positive ELISA test confirmed by an Western Blot revealing antibodies against the three proteins env, core and gag. For a test to be considered positive results by both methods had to be found in a second sample collected later. The prevalences of infection were of 0.29% for HIV1 and 0.29% for HIV2 although the prevalence of HIV2 in the population of African origin was higher (1.45%). The six seropositive cases detected included a drug addict, one prostitute, one case of African origin and two cases with multiple sexual partners. The clinical, epidemiological and immunological features of the seropositive cases are presented and the prevalence found is discussed in the context of other portuguese data.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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