Autologous transfusion: 2 years of experience at the immuno-hemotherapy service of the Santa Maria Hospital.

R Fleming, F Nascimento, A S Madahil


The results of a presurgical autologous blood transfusion program for two years are analysed. 1,709 patients were submitted to this program, but appraisable results were only obtained in 1,473. In 39.54% of these ones only autologous blood was used; 19.2% used both autologous and homologous blood; in 41.27% no blood was used; 23.8% of the blood for autologous transfusion was used as homologous. We conclude that closer relationship is necessary between Blood Bankers, Surgeons and Anesthesiologists, in order to coordinate transfusional needs and surgery date. Shall this be possible, then more patients may benefit, cases where blood use is unprobable may be selected and unnecessary risks of homologous blood transfusion may be avoided.

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