Neurophysiological tests in neurolupus.

Teresa Paiva, J Canas da Silva, T. Pimentel, J. C. Romeu, A. Rosa, Carlos M. Rosa, A. Fred, M. Viana Queiroz


The difficuities in assessing the Central Nervous System (CNS) in the course of Systemic Nervous System (SLE) are weli known. A battery of Neurophysiological tests, including EEG and Multimodal Evoked Potencials was used in order to evaluate CNS disfuntion. Two SLE populations were studied (one with previous neurological symptoms (N = 10) and another without any of the these symptoms (N = 10) and compared with normal controls (N = 14). Tests included Routine EEG, Visual Evoked Potencials (VEP), Flash Evoked Responses (FEP), Auditory P300 (P300) and a Reitan B Test. Both SLE populations showed rather high incidences of abnormalities in FEP and VEP; EEG and P300 had smaller percentages of abnormal records. In spite of stronger and more frequent abnormalities in patient with major symptoms in their past the two SLE could not be differentiated in terms of incidence of abnormal Evoked Potencials Records. Visual Evoked Potencials seem a promising method for the assessment of CNS system disfunction SLE patients.

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