Vasculitis associated with ANCA.

M Parreira, P Custódio, J Sá, J Mendes, A P Mendes, J Poças


The authors present a case report of a 62-year old woman, with hypertension for many years. She suffered from weakness, anorexia and weight loss in the last 6 months. On admission, anemia, elevated ESR, haematuria, proteinuria and renal failure were present. Renal biopsy was compatible with chronic glomerulonephritis. The clinical picture and positivity for P-ANCA suggested systemic vasculitis. Later evidence of maxillary sinusitis and nasal mucosae ulcers as well as pneumonitis, although biopsy did not reveal granulomas, suggested the diagnosis of Wegener Vasculitis. Medicated with Cyclophosphamide and Prednisolone, for a year, with improvement. The authors make a brief discussion of the clinical criteria for classification of ANCA-associated systemic vasculitis.

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