Viral infection and fibromyalgia.

J C Branco, V Tavares, I Abreu, R L Humbel


Fibromyalgia (FM) is a very frequent syndrome of unknown cause, characterized by generalized pain, fatigue and a number of tender points to palpation. Among the several etiopathogenic hypotheses discussed, the association of FM with some viral infections has been the object of multiple studies due to its relation and similarity with the chronic fatigue syndrome, acknowledges as being related, although not exclusively, with the chronic infection by the Epstein-Barr virus. Many individual descriptions of association between infection with the human parvovirus B19 and FM led us to carry out this study, comparing the serology for that virus in 52 patients with FM and 39 healthy controls. The titers of specific IgG anti-parvovirus B19 antibodies, indicating previous infection with that virus, were determined in all 91 individuals through ELISA method and at the same laboratory. Results revealed, though not significantly, a greater prevalence of positive titers, of which the mean was also higher, in patients than in controls. When comparing the women from both groups, this tendency was even less perceptible. These data imply that there is no etiologic association between infection with the human parvovirus B19 and FM.

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