The role of prostaglandins in the lower urinary tract dynamics of prostatectomized patients: a trial with indomethacin and aspirin.

A. Matos Ferreira, J. M. Reis Santos


Using 49 prostatectomized patients as experimental subjects, we studied the effects of Indometnacin and acetylsalicylic acid — accredited prostaglandin synthetase inhibitors — from a urodynamic and clinical standpoint. Relevant urodynamic data was gathered 1 hr 30 min. after the patients had taken the drugs and placebo. Clinical results were further scrutinized after 8 days of treatment, at which time a new urodynamic workup was again performed on some patients. Results were again studied shortly after the end of treatment. The effect of the drugs on bladder and urethral structures was borne out by clear-cut clinical and urodynamic changes. After statistically analyzing such changes, we concluded that prostaglandin synthesis inhibition resulting in the inhibition of prostaglandin action had, at least in part, led to the changes noted. In the present report we shall discuss the role played by the highly complex mechanisms at work.

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