Research in child psychiatry.

D Cordeiro, R Vieira, E Lara, N Cardoso, C Góis, F Ismail, M J Gonçalves


The research in child psychiatry faces general restrictions related to the observation and interpretation of child psychopathological phenomena. These restrictions are increased by the limits of the methodological credibility of the psychopathological and psychiatric research with adults. The specific form of the emergence of child psychological suffering lies in a great number of factors. These can be derived from the child itself, the interaction that the child has with adults or be related with the mental health of the adults themselves. The research in this field favours the detection of risk situations either individual or social. Assuming the preventive perspective, the early identification of these situations will allow an improvement in medical care. The authors intend to raise pertinent and suggestive questions on child psychiatry research by means of the introduction of update situations. Several areas, which are still being studied, are approached, namely the parental mental pathology and its association with pregnancy and post-delivery, parental drug and alcohol addiction and its relation to the child's development, recent fields of research such as fertilization in vitro and the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and, lastly, family separation and human communication.

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