Malignant melanoma. A current problem.

F G Rodrigo, M P Correia


Malignant Melanoma is a tumor of high malignancy which incidence has been shown to increase dramatically during last decades. The genesis of the tumor is uncertain, however the cutaneous fair complexion, the number and type of pigmented nevei and acute intermittent sun exposure with sunburn may play a significant role in its development. Histopathology of suspicious lesions is obligatory as diagnostic proof and to measure the tumor thickness and the skin invasion level. Distinct therapeutic attitudes are reviewed. Correct surgical excision is essential in localized primary lesions. The two main factors regarding surveillance and survival of patients afflicted with Malignant Melanoma are precocious diagnosis of early lesions and quick surgical intervention. On a prophylactic ground, for the early detection of Malignant Melanoma, one should point out the need for a complete and careful skin observation of every individual in current medical examinations.

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