Dupuytren's disease. Analysis of a 10 year caseload.

J S Rebelo, J B Ferreira, M C Vilão, J Boléo-Tomé


The authors present an analysis concerning patients operated on for Dupuytren contracture over the past ten years. One hundred and ten patients (94 males and 16 females) were reviewed. At the time of surgery the average was 52 years old. The 125 hands (292 fingers) were rated 3,136, according to the simplified Tubiana's score. In 82.7% of the patients, selective regional fasciectomy was applied. In the long term, recurrence appeared in 58 hands (96 fingers); 74.1% being in the first five years. 48 of them were graded Stage Nodular, 28 Stage 1, 16 Stage 2, 4 Stage 3. Some factors seem to be of a bad prognosis regarding recurrence: ectopic localisations, age (under 55 years old), alcoholism, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, and family history. Results after operative procedure were satisfactory. The hands were rated 1,316 and the Coefficient of Amelioration was above 0.75 in more than 50%.

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